Real-Time Business Intelligence

Executive dashboards: empower the end-user and support regulatory compliance reporting

Real-Time Business Intelligence

Generate enterprise-wide views or drill-down to any level of detail: region, country, city, office, client-type: useful for management, monitoring and regulatory reporting.

Monitor and analyse useful measures, such as Days to Rent a property: faster than average rentals may indicate increased demand or that pricing might be adjusted. Slower than average could suggest the area or particular property have issues. The types of insights are only possible with data collection and collation into useful analytics. We also produce analytics on Client Revenues, Commissions/Sales per letting agent and these are available at different levels of granularity.

Realise synergies from Mergers and Acquisitions. Support growth by consolidating data assets, eliminating redundant data and repositories and simplifying data management to reduce operational footprints.

Gain greater visibility into operations and processes and meet regulatory requirements with less overhead.

Gain insights and learn about current trends