Data Governance & Privacy

LetFaster helps ensure compliance with growing data governance regulations

Data Governance

Share governed, sensitive data securely with internal and external parties, with built-in security that meets SOC-1 and 2 Type II and PCI DSS standards. Streamline collaboration across front and back office using private data exchanges.

LetFaster segregates processes from people. It provides data governance, data privacy, reports for internal controls, a full audit trail and complies with GDPR and BIPA regulations.

Data Integration: The Challenges

Lack of data integration is detrimental to growth and operational efficiency.

A lack of data management integration is driven by security risks and failure to integrate IT and tech systems within organizations and across third-party systems.

Multiple, fragmented systems with manual data entry, lack resilience and cannot scale easily. Many organizations are concerned they will lose their competitive advantage if they fail to improve integration and harmonization of data.

Cloud-Based Data Warehousing

Key Benefits and Differentiators

  1. Centralise and store structured and unstructured data in a single repository for greater accessibility and accuracy

  2. Unlimited concurrency, scale and speed and near-zero maintenance

  3. Fast data ingestion

  4. Share governed, sensitive data securely with internal and external parties

Operational Resilience

LetFaster incorporates operational resilience: the ability to absorb shocks without disrupting business workflows and includes multiple preventative controls for data completeness and integrity.

Know-Your-Vendor: Risk Mitigation

Can you audit your vendor? You may find vendors have undisclosed suppliers that cannot be audited and may be switched without you being aware. Ensure written policies and processes are implemented and can be demonstrated as this may form part of your regulatory requirements.

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